Artist Profile: Y’all, Meet Ariyike

I know a lot of people have been wondering when I would finally profile a poet, but not to worry, the person we would be profiling today is one of my writer crush, she is amazing and I wanted to be sure y’all were ready to meet her.

Question: Tell me about you in relation to your art? 

Ariyike: I am a photographer of thoughts and a lover of nature, which puts me into perspectives…

Banji: Wow! Interesting!

Question: When did you start writing? 

Ariyike: I have always loved writing since i can remember

Question: What made you start writing, and when did you start taking it seriously?

Ariyike: I think a lot. Was always day-dreaming imaginations, and at some point those thoughts were making me feel like i had to do something, so i channeled my thoughts into writing. I used to have a friend I would show my write-ups, and sometimes he would ask me what i have written lately. We would talk about what i had written and he would applaud me. He told me i had a gift that needs to be watered daily if i don’t want to lose it, and that was pretty much it for me. Guess i just needed someone to believe in me.

Question: What’s your favorite of all the things you have written? 

Ariyike: Well, I have about 4 of ’em so far, but i’d say ‘You are an old soul, young enough to love and wise enough to learn ‘ is my number one.

Question: What message were you trying to pass across? 

Ariyike: I met some people at my meditation corner and we were talking about the depth of life. One of them called me an old soul which made me have some serious thinking…I agreed, but then, I realized an old soul means someone who is wise; wise enough to understand life and accept whatever it dishes out; young enough to fall in love with places, artworks,music, and other stuffs .

Question: What are the challenges you have been facing as it concerns your art? 

Ariyike: We all have our highs and lows, I guess…There are times when i lack clarity or muse to get started. I would write and toss them into trash cans.

Question: How have you been able to overcome them?

Ariyike: Reading has been one of my getaway from the realities of life …I dedicated myself to reading two pages of anything from my personal library at home before sleeping or during my leisure..Once i read, I get ideas that drive me to wanna write anything.

Banji: Thank you so much for doing this.

Ariyike: 🤗

So guys, to know more about her work, you can check her out on Instagram and don’t forget to hit the follow button.

About Banji Coker 157 Articles
Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.


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