Artist Profile: Y’all Meet Adeniji Babatunde Adebayo

There are few people who have the gift of the pen, while some use it to tell stories, others use them to create images, and one of the pen handlers who I am correctly obsessed with is the artist, Adeniji Babatunde Adebayo.

There is something about the technic he uses when handling the pen that I had to have a conversation with him.

Question: Tell me about you in relation with your art?

Bayo: My name is adeniji babatunde adebayo, I started drawing when I was very young, about 7years old when I was in primary 2, Though I started earlier but I only remember drawing about that age, Seeing my brother create beautiful comics must have awoken mine, I always wanted to make mine and to my own taste with my own story.

Question: What made you start and when did you start taking it seriously? 

Bayo: I started taking it seriously in jss2, my friends always commended me and my parents appreciated me doing it so I started CHALLENGING myself in jss2

Question: What’s your favorite art piece ? 

Bayo: Survival has been my favourite for a long time now

Question: What were you trying to say with it? 

Bayo: How “we as Africans” would suffer through alot and at the end of the day we are always coming out looking strong, it’s so beautiful how we can adapt to every situation without making it a delay to whatever we are chasing after

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Question: What are the challenges you have been facing as it concerns your art? 

Bayo: Well if I’m being honest I’ve got alot of challenges but the actual problem with me and my art would be me not picking up the pen, so I’d say laziness gets the best of me, I overcome by just doing it, this is not some nike advert but by telling myself no and actually draw is a win for me and an absolute achievement.

Question: What will you use to describe your art?

Bayo: I wouldn’t say I’d describe my art with unique but i’d say when I finally do it, it comes out beautiful but not really beautiful because really beautiful would mean perfection to me and perfection is what I’m still trying to work towards.

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Banji Coker is a Nigerian poet, writer and spoken word artist. He is the author of two poetry compilations, Just seventeen and October feelings.

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