Arsenal After Arsene Wenger; So Far So Good.

Like they say, change is constant. But this change wasn’t something everyone was expecting, at least not until another two seasons. But at the end of last season, Arsenal’s head coach, Arsene Wenger, decided it was time to call it quits with the club after 22 years spell with the club; winning 3 Premiership titles and 7 FA Cup titles. Well, it has to be said that his later days at the club weren’t the best, as their fans were disgruntled with the lack of silverware and ambition of the club to compete at the highest level.

On the 23rd of May, 2018, Arsenal Football Club announced the signing of their new gaffer and a sense of new beginnings. Greater things to come engulfed the whole atmosphere at the Emirates. The team weren’t aggressive in the transfer window which is also a phenomenon identifiable with Wenger. Not to make hasty conclusions though, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt in the next transfer window.

Another trend with the Arsene days is the team always struggling till the last day of the league to seal their Champions League spot (Top 4) qualification. And as it seems currently, we just might be waiting till the last match of the season for their fate to be decided. The team’s performances recently are more like the Wenger days, with the players failing to nail a consistent performance.

In addition, the season just might be a trophy-less season, which was the reservation Arsenal fans had with Arsene Wenger. Although, this team has a chance of winning the Europa League after winning the first leg quarter final tie 2-0 against Napoli at the Emirates. With the second leg tie drawing closer, our fingers still remain crossed if they can end their season with a trophy to jubilate about.

In conclusion, much can’t be said to be the differentiating factor between the Arsene Wenger Era and the new era under the stewardship of Unai Emery.

Arsenal fans, what are your thoughts about this??

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