Another Covid-19 and humanity post!

The past few weeks have been hard on humanity; our fragility is being tested and people are beginning to act out. For example, in countries like America and the UK, people are overstocking, which leaves others with nothing to go home with. While a lot of people call it greed,these are people who are just trying their best at surviving. Their approach might be selfish, but there is no morality when it comes to survival. 

Nigerians in diaspora are rushing back home from infected areas and spreading the virus right here at home. When there is an epidemic, it’s better to stay in one place and not move from one place to another, but the people in diaspora don’t care about the people at home. Sadly, all they’re worried about is leaving the infected areas, and like I said, there is no morality in survival. 

Our leaders on the other hand, it seems like they are being punished for their neglect of healthcare development, and poor Nigerians are happy, they are grateful for the virus as long as it keeps destroying the upper class.



And in the midst of this chaos, there are people who taking the necessary precautions doesn’t seem like hard work; they are so used to being in isolation that this period, even, is a bit inconvenient because everyone is practicing social distancing, and they have to share their personal space with family members.

There are still some folks that don’t believe in the existence of the virus, some others think the virus was created as a means of population control, some also believe the pandemic is the fault of the Chinese,that their choice of food is what’s causing all that’s been happening. To back this up, videos of Chinese eating live rats have been circulating , and I have a feeling that after this pandemic, China’s relationship with the rest of the world will be deeply scarred.

One thing we can all agree on is that we want this pandemic to be over, mainly because we’re scared for our lives. There are people who want to revive the crashing economy and make money, there are people who just want to go out and there are single people who have realized that they need to go out and have sex (it’s a forest down there which need to be cleared). 


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